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Post by Valrogg on Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:37 pm

Nave looked in the direction of the voice that was challenging him, noticing a girl in a purple scarf approaching him. He twirled his spear for a moment and planted it on the ground, a smirk almost imperceptibly coming to his features. "I'll let you take the first shot." He said, taking a defensive stance with his weapon. If he could figure out her semblance or how her weapon worked, he would be able to formulate a strategy for the tournament; it was clear that she was a competitor and not from Beacon, as she lacked the uniform he'd seen the local students wearing.

Sola turned to face Dusky as he spoke, his wide grin shifting to shock at the man's size before changing again to a smile. "But of course! I'm not even the strongest member of our team." He nods toward Sombre, whom he notices hiding in the back "That distinction belongs to the girl next to you." He grinned, leaning in to whisper so the first-years don't hear "She punched through an Ursa's chest and ripped out its spine with her bare hands, and I'm not even making that one up."
"You mean like with the Nevermore?" Sombre asked, folding her arms and narrowing her eyes at him "If I recall correctly, Nave did that, not you. And he used his spear, not a feather."

"You Irish bastard! Shouldn't you be comforting me in my time of need?"
"Exactly. I'm Irish. So...no."

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